Webinar on Developing Supervisory Charisma (22 April 2020)

Webinar on Developing Supervisory Charisma (22 April 2020)


Evaluation Form 課程問卷

A. Please rate the speaker’s ability 導師質素:

1. Professional Knowledge 專業知識

2. Presentation Skills 演譯方法及技巧:

3. Flow Control 流程控制:

4. Preparation 準備功夫:

5. Interesting 生動有趣:

B. Please rate the content of the workshop 課程內容:

1. The content is abundant and right to the point 內容豐富及到位:

2. The activities are appropriate and inspiring 課程活動有啟發性:

3. The activities are interesting and intriguing 課程活動能引起興趣:

4. The workshop is helpful to my work 課程對我工作有幫助:

C. Please rate the arrangement of the workshop 課程安排:

1. Venue, equipment and facilities 場地設施:

2. Logistic arrangement 行政安排:

3. Comfort level 課室舒適度:

D. Overall comments 課程總評:

1. Did this event meet your expectation? 你滿意這課程嗎?

2. Would you recommend this event to colleagues? 你推薦這課程嗎?

The top three training topics you are interested in the future:


Other Comments 其他建議:



Thank you 謝謝!