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The success of an organization depends on its capability to cascade its business goals and strategies down to different levels. A management system that helps communicate the corporate directives and provide timely feedbacks on the organizational, departmental and individual performance is essential for continuous excellence. At HMI Consulting, our management experts assist organizations to select and implement the most suitable performance management approaches such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or Management by Objectives (MBO) in considerations of the organization's business nature and actual needs.

How we can support you:
Transform strategic objectives into tangible performance indicators and action items at corporate, departmental and individual levels
Deploy and communicate the corporate directives throughout different organizational layers
Build a management platform which allows systematic performance assessment at corporate, departmental and individual levels
Identify performance gaps and enable initiation of corresponding improvement actions
Identify employees' training needs in support to the organization's future development
Support the linkage of staff compensation with work performance