Webinar on Developing Supervisory Charisma (Co-organized with HKIHRM)

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Smooth operation and continual growth of a company depend on the leadership of its managers. For managers to maximize their performance, they seek to develop leadership qualities, managerial skills and sensitivity that are necessary for motivating subordinates to achieve company’s goals. In light of that, this webinar aims to share with participants approaches to gain staff support and become successful managers with charisma. Whether you are already a seasonal manager looking to gain a professional edge or need to improve in particular areas such as leadership qualities and staff engagement, this highly practical online course will definitely take your know-how to the next level.

Course Contents

  • Challenges for Nowadays Managers
  • Cause of Conflicts between Manager and Subordinates
  • Attributes of Trust-worthy Managers
  • Learning Leadership Skills from Great Leaders
  • How Empathetic Communication Helps Build Rapport with Staff
  • Tips for Engaging Staff at Workplace

Date:  7 April 2020

Time:  11:00am – 12:30pm

Fee:  HK$600 for members and HK$ 1,000 for non-members

For enrollment, please contact Mr. Martin Yip of HKIHRM at 852 2837 3825/ learning@hkihrm.org